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Updated July 2, 2007

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NSW State CrestProactive advocacy by Teacher Librarians in the Australian state of New South Wales moved to another plane in June 2007. Numerous educational professionals have been asking numerous politicians various questions, including the Minister of Education and Training ...

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Blind JusticeRoyalties for commoners? The great copyright rip-off: (June 2006 - ongoing) ... but things are happening! Read the article published in January 2007 Editorial Eye accessed through your preferred methods. With thanks for support and editorial advice to Linda Jorgensen of EEI Communications.

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Penguin Australia The Penguin Fiasco: (August, 2004)
In a brilliant example of virtue being its own punishment, the Warrior Librarian took the ethical course and requested permission to publish an extract from a book. Read the amazing email sequence - and final outcome - when the Warrior Librarian takes on a major publishing house. And wins ...

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Federal Minister for Education The Great Literacy Debacle: (November 2004 - onging)
Meet the (then) Australian (national) Minister for Education. This is a very clever man. He reads education journals. He listens to the Warrior Librarian. He agrees with her opinion that the national benchmark for literacy is way too low (28%). On November 30th, he announced a national enquiry into the teaching of literacy.

The Minister's quotes from the Warrior Librarian's article, "Language, Literacy and Lunacy" were published in a major broadsheet newspaper. A senior officer at the Warrior Librarian's place of primary employment emailed to say she was " ...shocked to read that [the Warrior Librarian] ... " had listed her place of primary employment as part of the signature at the end of the LL&L article.

The Warrior Librarian's primary employer directed that "a retraction or distancing statement" be published. The first was never going to happen. The second would have left a few people with egg on their face.

In January 2006, Dr Nelson left the (Federal) Department of Education, Science and Training of Education to become (national) Minister for Defence.

logo Bringing the airlines to book: (October 2003)
A victory for the downtrodden masses of air travellers who are tired of being treated (and referred to) as Self-loading Baggage. In a completely unprecedented 180-degree turn, the Warrior Librarian forces the Australian national carrier to provide a full refund, regardless of its published policies ...

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DET logo Establishment of School Library Core Collection Listing: (February 2003)

The Warrior Librarian finds an unexpected ally in a radio talk-back host; runs the gammit of the Code of Conduct violations, but manages to get action from the state's Department of Education and Training - despite the lack of support of colleagues and the unions ...

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Australian Broadcasting Commission Behind the News: (January, 2003-2005)
When the Australian Broadcasting Commission axed its current affairs program for upper elementary to lower middle school children, migrants, and others, without consultation with the primary stakeholders (teachers, librarians, parents,etc), the Warrior Librarian started asking questions. And writing letters. And getting others to do the same. Eighteen months later, the program is not only reinstated, but a companion interactive website is established ...

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