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(established 1997)

We have now moved to a new host, and the DSN thingy is now pointing to www.warriorlibrarian.com elsewhere.  The folk at Warrior Librarian Central thank you for visiting us here, even if it was only by accident.  You might find that some of the links at this site don’t work any more – that’s because we’re no longer maintaining it.  It is likely that this site and all its contents will disappear all together in the next 12 months (a Yahoo!Geocities policy – so don’t complain to us). Those who bought “Biblia’s Guide to Warrior Librarianship” will be laughing (figuratively and literally).  If you’re looking for something in particular, you might like to try a site like the Internet Archives and the Way Back Machine.  Or see if you local library had the foresight to get a copy of Biblia’s Guide before it went out of print.   
January 2009

Graphic courtesy of Peter Lewis, illustrator of Biblia's Guide to Warrior Librarianship.

Warning: Remember, don't believe everything you read!